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Homeschool and Kids' Classes

ASL classes for children and teens, ages 8-18 years old.  Self-paced and ZOOM options available.


Adult Courses

ASL courses for adult learners. Self-paced lessons and ZOOM classes available.


Family ASL Support

ASL courses and customized support for families with deaf, hard-of-hearing, autistic, and non-speaking children. 


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This guide to step-by-step stellar ASL study will help you set goals and focus on tasks that are worth your time and effort. Grow your passion for American Sign Language while making serious daily progress!

Find out how you can work smarter, not harder, and make real daily progress in your ASL skills!

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I'm Michelle Wierman

I became interested in ASL as a young child. I was eager to learn at a time when quality classes for younger students were not available. Through this curiosity and the pursuit of all ASL resources, I met Deaf people and quickly fell in love with the community’s rich history and culture. This inspired me to attend several semesters at Gallaudet University as a visiting student, receive a B.S. in Social Studies Education from NYU, and eventually earn an M.S.Ed in Deaf Education from Western Maryland College, with a concentration in American Sign Language. I worked as a substitute teacher at Lexington School for the Deaf, a tutor in Lexington's dorm, a Teacher's Assistant at Mill Neck School for the Deaf, and a History teacher and Chairperson at "47" The ASL and English Secondary School. My experience teaching both hearing and deaf students in the same bilingual classroom at “47”, training with the Center for ASL and English Bilingual Education and Research (CAEBER), plus ten years of work as an ASL interpreter, have developed my understanding of various language learner needs.


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